The person who ki!!ed Leticia 14-year-old final year students found


According to a report from our sister blog,, the person behind the death of final year student, Leticia Pinaman has been ‘found’.

From the report, a prophet known as Daniel Nsiah has disclosed that the person who Killed Leticia lives within the school premises but for security reasons, he wouldn’t mention the name for now.

In an interview with Air Commander of GBC Western Radio, Prophet Daniel Nsiah disclosed that; until the police finish their investigations, he wouldn’t want to mention anybody’s name.

He added that, the person who allegedly murdered Leticia did it on behalf of someone outside the school.

This may not be enough but at least if the Prophet’s claims are true then we know it wasn’t suicide. Also, it may [may] give a clue to the police as to where they should look.

Leticia Pinaman allegedly ‘committed suicide’ at her school dining hall; but there are some suspicion that she was murdered instead. If it was indeed a murder then the person behind it is yet to be found and named so Justice could be served.

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