Young Man Arrested For Chopping 18 Months Twin Sisters, See How He Was Caught


Young man named Patrick have been arrested by the Assin Fosu Police and this what the report given by the police.

According to the police, this young man stays in a compound house and inside that compound house, there live this woman who have Female twins, per the report the children are 1 and half years old.

The woman started by saying that, she was one-day in the house and all of a sudden she can’t find her two girls I’m the hours, so she wondered where her children will go as at that time.

So as a caring mother, she started looking for her children, in the course of the search for her children she met Patrick in front of his room, and asked him: Brother Patrick please have you seen my two girls, but surprisingly Patrick didn’t mind the woman and he went into his room.

So the woman said something pushed her to go inside Patrick’s room to question him, why he didn’t mind him when she asked him the question.

So only for her to open the door, she saw her two girls naked on Patrick’s bed, quickly she called her husband to come and witnessed what was going on. The husband without hesitating rushed her two children to the nearest hospital. The report that came out was that, the children have been engaged in a sexual intercourse, with an evidence of sperms in between their legs.

The man rushed to the nearest police station to make a report and as at now that I am talking to you, Patrick have been arrested.

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My people, do you think Patrick needs to be bailed Or be given long years imprisonment?

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