YAGA “Back To school Charity project” donations 2021


The YAGA Cares Foundation is the non-profit wing set up by Young And Gifted Africans @yaga_russia_ with the aim of improving social lives
Their mission is providing help to people that were badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. They seek to cause societal change through education and youth empowerment.
It was founder by Aziz Tanko Nuhu.

Date : 18th March 2021

Back to school

Qubbatu Islamic primary school
Accra- Nima
Tafsiliyya School For Education, Nima.


Number of items Donated

• 600 branded book for both schools

• 30 packs of fanta

•4 packs of bottled water

• 4 box of Chalk for each School

•8 packs of Nose mask ( 2 for each student)

• 4 pack of Crayon for each school

• Packs of toffees

• 4 box Of Pens.

2. Number of Children We Helped
We donated to over 500 students in both schools present and sorted out even absentees.

3. Our Ultimate Goal was to bring back the children who are intellectually great back to their classrooms and support them financially, and also to put smiles on the faces of those already in the classrooms and assured them that they have got our support financially, physically and emotionally.

4. What Was Their Reaction.
The smiles of the faces of these kids were priceless, they were super excited and glad that at least they have people to look up to when the need arises and they ain’t left out.

•There was no social distancing going on with the first school.

• No Veronica Buckets to wash their hands in other To help observe the Covid-19 protocol.

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See some of the pictures at the donations below


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