Personality Profile: CEO Of Mossbee Soccer Academy – Mr. Moses Teye Mormor


Tarkwa based soccer academy called Mossbee Soccer Academy is one of the best soccer academy in Ghana and beyond.

The CEO of this soccer academy is called Mr. Moses Teye Momo. Mr Moses Teye Momo works at Tarkwa Goldfields and a fun of football.

He schooled at Sekondi College (Secko) in Sekondi in the Western Region of Ghana. Back in his school days at Sekondi College, he was part of the football school team as well.

According to Mr. Moses Teye Mormor, the main motive behind the establishment of Mossbee Soccer Academy is that, he met one guy called Emmanuel Addae who knows how to play football.

Emmanuel Addae was a casual worker at Tarkwa Goldfields so Mr Moses Teye Momo asked him to stop working and he going to help him develop his football talent.

Mr Momo continued to say that he started the Mossbee Soccer Academy with only one player (Emmanuel Addae).

Later, he saw that there are many talents in Tarkwa so he decided to fish out most of the talents. Whenever you are selected, they come to talk to your parents and when the parents agrees, they take you to their camp.

Mossbee Soccer Academy will take care of your feeding, accomodation, outfit, even when you going outside, they do your passport, birth certificate, plane ticket, I mean everything for you.

Mr Moses Teye Momo finally said that, the main motive is they groom the boys for outside teams. Notwithstanding, the boys are also paid every month but can’t disclose the amount to us.

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You can contact Mr. Moses Teye Mormor on +233 54 181 2643 and you can also contact the administrator of the team on +233 24 375 9494.

Source: Lord Papa Essel



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