I’ll drag you to the palace for impregnating my daughter, taking my family for granted – Dad of Funny Face’s ‘baby mom’’


The UK-based Ghanaian dad of Funny Face’s ‘child mother’, Jah Wizdom, has uncovered that he has not met the jokester before regardless of the way that he has a bunch of twins with his little girl.

As per the performer, since his girl brought forth the twins, he has been anticipating that the comedian should return home and play out the essential marriage ceremonies yet that has not occurred.

In Akan culture, there is a type of money remuneration a man makes to the group of the ladies he impregnates without any father present.

Generally, the man must show up before the woman’s folks and make the installment, referred to in the neighborhood speech as ‘nkwasiabuo sika’, to guarantee that the woman and her family don’t feel cheated.Speaking in a meeting with The Blaq Pen, Jah Wizdom, stated: “I don’t have any acquaintance with him [Funny Face] I haven’t met him previously”.

He additionally blamed Funny Face for genuinely attacking his little girl and terminating her from his home.

Jah Wisdom, who is additionally an uncle to late dancehall songstress Ebony Reigns, has, along these lines, taken steps to drag Funny Face to the central’s royal residence for exploiting his little girl, disrespecting her via online media, attacking her and making the family look dumb.

“As a dad, I will sue him in the central’s castle for the idiotic things he has done to my little girl. I won’t sue him at the law court for any postponement, I will sue him in the main’s royal residence to be brought before the older folks to respond to questions,” he noted.He additionally said that the comic entertainer, referred to, in actuality, as Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, has impregnated his girl Vanessa again however has neglected to recognize her family.

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Or maybe, he said Funny Face keeps on hauling woman’s name into online media fights to discolor her picture just as that of her family.

“She is even pregnant for him [Funny Face] again but then he goes ahead online media to disrespect her. She can conceive an offspring any second from now. As a family, we have to show him a thing or two that my little girl is from a family and on the off chance that he realizes what is coming his direction, he won’t get into mischief,” Jah Wizdom disclosed to The Blaq Pen.


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